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Epoxy Coated Glass Tape / Prepreg

It consist of Epoxy Resin coated on Glass cloth. We have a wide arrange

Epoxy Coated Fleece

It contains Epoxy resin coated on nonwoven Polyester Fleece. It is suit

Epoxy Coated DMD

It contains Epoxy resin coated on DMD laminates. It is used for insulat

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Fibreglass, Carbon, Kevlar and other speciality sleeves are available for various a wide variety

Woven Tapes

Made up of fibres like Glass, Polyester and others. It is available in different types of weaves

Silcone coated Tapes

We provide a wide range of Silicone coated tapes on different substrates like Glass and Nomex

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Replacement for Heat-Shrink tube

Compare Zweck | Self-fusing silicone tape to heat-shrinkable tubing

Shrink tu

Zweck Tape for Cable Repairs

Cables are used in every household, industries, electrical appliances. The current carr

Zweck Tape saves the day

Airtight connections for Air compressor

It is a regular working day on the sh

Zweck tape for high pressure pipe repair

Technical Blog

01 March 2019

Zweck tape for high-pressure pipe repa