Replacement for Heat-Shrink tube

“Gunjan Gadodia”

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Compare Zweck | Self-fusing silicone tape to heat-shrinkable tubing


       Shrink tubing has a standard 3 to 1 shrink ratio. Self-fusing tape insulates regardless of wire and connector size. Carry a single roll of Self-fusing tape compared to multiple tube diameters and lengths Low Cost. Major labor savings with in-field operations.


        This Self-fusing tape allows for Post-Connection Insulation heat Shrink tubing must be slipped over the wire before the final connection, but self-fusing tape can be applied at any time.No costly or labor-consuming heat guns needed with Self-fusing tape Simply stretch the Self-fusing tape for an elastic seal. Self-fusing tape allows easy connection access. There is no wire cutting. There is no connector damage. And there is no need for disassembly to reinsulate.


       Self-fusing tape provides low-cost insulation, yet it is strong enough for extreme environments. This self-fusing tape is self-fusing and therefore has no adhesive it bonds to itself and completely fuses into a single insulating wrap almost instantaneously. The stretch seal will retain its elastic memory.


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