Zweck Tape for Cable Repairs

“Gunjan Gadodia”

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     Cables are used in every household, industry, electrical appliance. The current-carrying copper wires are insulated by PVC, rubber, or another insulating material. This insulating material decides the life of the cable. Cables with worn-out insulation cannot be used.             


                A single insulation cut/failure requires that the entire cable be replaced. However, replacing the cable is a very expensive affair. Replacing cable also leads to downtime in production. Thus we suggest the use of ZWECK tape as the permanent solution for cable repair.


         Below is the image of the highly damaged industrial welding equipment cable wire.

As visible from the image the cable is worn out at multiple places. We can use Zwecktape and wrap it over the workout region or over the entire cable.


The Advantages of using Zweck the Self Fusing Silicone Tape

  • Economical

  • Easy to use

  • Permanent

  • Saves replacement time and reduces downtime

  • Household repaired cables are safe for kids to use

  • Can be used for outdoor applications

  • Can be used for underwater applications

  • Good water resistance

  • Good UV resistance

Please find the below image of the repaired cable wire with Zweck tape.


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