Zweck tape for high pressure pipe repair

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01 March 2019

Zweck tape for high-pressure pipe repair

High-pressure pipes are everywhere in our houses, industries, commercial buildings, agricultural fields, industries, home & industrial equipment, petrol pumps. These pipes carry water, steam, air, oil, chemicals and other liquids. The leakage/damage of these pipelines and joints are common problems and cause heavy loss of material. In the house, commercial places, agricultural placesit causes heavy loss of material.  In industries, loss of material is accompanied with downtime leading to loss of production and man-hours. 

Zweck Tape is the most effective emergency and permanent solution. 

The advantages of using Zweck tape are 
Emergency response 
Saves replacement time and reduces downtime
Easy to use
Can be used for outdoor/indoor applications
Can be used for underwater applications
Good water resistance
Good UV resistance
Works from -50C to +260C
Compatible with a wide range of liquids and many gases

Video of the actual application on the high-pressure pipe has been uploaded on the website: and


Ideal winding techniques for the extremely high-pressure pipe.


Start wrapping 30 mm ahead of hole. Stretch the tape as much as possible, the original width of 25mm tape reduces to 14mm due to stretching. Apply 4-5 layers.

C:\Users\LENOVO\Dropbox\pics\Product In Use\Self Fusing Tape\20190319_175559.jpg



Apply the tape on the other side of the hole with similar stretching

C:\Users\LENOVO\Dropbox\pics\Product In Use\Self Fusing Tape\20190319_175633.jpg


Now apply the tape from one end to another with 75% overlap, move back again with 75% overlap

C:\Users\LENOVO\Dropbox\pics\Product In Use\Self Fusing Tape\20190319_175934.jpg


If needed apply 2 -3 layers additional on the point of the hole

C:\Users\LENOVO\Dropbox\pics\Product In Use\Self Fusing Tape\20190319_191728.jpg


Approximately 900mm of tape is consumed for 20mm pipe outer diameter. 

It can sustain pressure upto 6 kg/cm2.

C:\Users\LENOVO\Dropbox\pics\Product In Use\Self Fusing Tape\20190320_122059.jpg


If taped properly and kept overnight then maximum pressure tape can sustain is 12 kg/cm2.

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3A Associates Incorporated