Zweck Tape saves the day

“Dr. Gunjan Gadodia”

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Airtight connections for Air compressor


         It is a regular working day on the shop work of a manufacturing company. The manufacturing company has 50 workers and uses the air compressor for pneumatic pressure in the machines. Suddenly it is reported that air compressor pressure is reduced due to air leakage in the compressor.


        Air compressor contractors respond to the emergency, they find air leakage in one of the connecting pipes, however, it will take them 24 hours to source the pipe from the central warehouse. All work comes to standstill. There was panic on the shop floor as commitments to the customers needed to be met. Management is worried as there is no production which can be given to the workers.


        The maintenance department head visits the local hardware store to buy some buy and comes across Zweck Tape. Zweck tape is self-fusing silicone tape that can be used to obtain airtight connections. 


         The maintenance head rushes back to the plant and used the Zweck tape over the joint. The air leak is reduced by more than 95% and there is enough pressure to use the machines. The production and despatch workers are back to work.