3A Crack Seal Flashing Tape

3A Crack Seal Flashing tape is a self-adhesive bitumen waterproof tape which is made up of bituminous substance on one side to prevent leakage and aluminum sheet on the other. Mostly used for sealing water leakage surfaces by applying over a crack/ gap.

3A Crack Seal flashing tape is our new product specifically manufactured for water leakage problems mainly faced in the construction sector, Industrial sector and for daily or domestic use where this bitumen flashing tape would be used to prevent leakages through gaps, cracks, holes, and joints on any surface.


Applications | What is flashing tape used for? 

Flashing tape can be used for a lot of application which can be divided into the major applications and other application


Roof  Applications

Water Storage Tank


Other Applications

1. Asbestos

2. Cement

3. Corrugated Roofing  

4. Mild Steel

5. Galvanised Iron

6. FRP

7.Aluminum Sheet

8.Plastic Sheet

1. Cement

2. Sintex

3. Plastic

4. PVC



1. Sealing of PEB (Pre-   Engineered Buildings) structures.

2. Building Cracks.

3. Expansion/Joints

4. Gutters

5. Construction of Wata

6.Terrace Waterproofing

7.Bathroom Waterproofing

8. Basement Waterproofing





It is one the best easy and quick adoptable solutions for water leakage problems all around the globe where we offer a result for 10+ years. 

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