Prepregs / B Stage materials

A prepreg / B stage material consists of a reinforcement material pre-impregnated with a resin matrix in controlled quantities.


Prepregs are ultimate composites, which cure at high temperature and transform into solid structural material that is highly durable, temperature resistant, exceptionally stiff and extremely lightweight. Prepregs are considered best in terms of performance for the manufacture of composite components.
3A provides a range of prepregs using specially formulated epoxy, phenolic, and silicone resin matrix systems. 3A prepregs are reinforced with woven, multiaxial and unidirectional (UD) fibers.
3A Associates is one of the largest manufacturer of prepreg materials in India. We make a wide range of prepregs for applications like constructions, medical equipments, sporting goods, Industrial, Electrical and Aerospace. We are India's one of the only company which is the qualified supplier of prepregs for Space and Aerospace applications.   


Types of substrates

Type of Resins

Carbon fabric


Glass fabric

Toughened Epoxies



Ceramic papers


Aramide  papers


Nonwoven Fleece





Epoxy Prepregs 

We manufacture a wide range of Epoxy prepregs
Key features of Epoxy Prepregs
1) Glass Transition properties / Thermal Properties
We have Prepregs above 200C glass transition temperature, allowing you to use composites at all temperature ranges.
2) Good outlife life
We manufacture prepreg range having very good outlife. These prepreg materials do not need stringent cold storage or cold transportation. 
3) Excellent Mechanical Properties
We offer prepregs with very high ILSS, high compressive strength, good tensile strength, and modulus.
4) Flow control Prepregs
We offer prepregs where the flow of the resin can be controlled as per customer requirement.

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Phenolic Prepregs

We manufacture phenolic prepregs for ablative and transportation applications. For details please email us at /

Silicone prepregs

We are amongst very few companies in the World which manufacture Silicone prepregs. Our Silicone prepregs are used for high-temperature applications.